Senior Full-Stack Developer
Full Time, Back End Development

Job Description

Are you eager to be part of a digital team within a creative agency—one that treats quality of work and quality of work life not as afterthoughts, but rather as essential drivers of its continuing growth and financial success?

Are you prepared to sometimes do things differently, in the belief that doing great work, in a great environment, can be both fun and rewarding?

If so, read on.

Each of us on the McMillan digital team is guided by a passion for what we do. We’ve likely had this passion since we were kids, when we first started programming. We’re also relentless tinkerers who embrace new challenges. Can we accomplish this task, learn something new, and work together towards a common goal? We ask those and other questions with each new assignment. There’s never one right idea, after all, and there are always compromises to make. Often, they lead to better outcomes. And, at the end of the day, there’s a client—as well as our colleagues—to impress.

As a senior developer at McMillan, you’re renowned for a special talent: you can problem-solve or code the sh!t out of whatever you lay your hands on. That skill will be called on a lot, given that your role will be to lead development on major projects, provide advice and guidance to other developers, and act as a key advisor on all topics digital. And, while the position is open to teleworkers from across Canada, you’ll be associated with a leading-edge digital environment—the kind that will make your friends jealous.

In your role, you’ll report to, and support, McMillan’s associate director, technology, while collaborating daily with others in your department and individuals in our client services, creative, and studio management teams.

Your responsibilities

Expect to be busy. You’ll spend your days at McMillan:

  • Coding HTML/CSS/JavaScript websites and components
  • Coding back-end technologies such as ASP.NET or NodeJS
  • Planning projects, including estimating efforts, devising implementation strategies and tactics, and shaping code design
  • Providing digital guidance to creative directors, art directors, designers, and client service teammates

Throughout, you’ll need to be a patient listener and confident communicator with a firm grasp of established goals and metrics for shared success.

Your success

It starts, of course, by carrying out your responsibilities in a way that adds value. You take your role seriously (yourself less so), and you are comfortable with change. In fact, you encourage and champion it.

But there’s something else. Win or lose, we do it as a team. At the same time, all employees at McMillan are expected to strive towards being recognized as sought-after, trusted advisors by clients and colleagues alike. That recognition is earned by displaying:

  • Curiosity – You show a genuine interest in coworkers and ask tough questions (when appropriate) to inform, explore, and encourage fresh perspectives and solutions. At the same time, you seek to continuously widen and improve your own knowledge and skills, so that you can generate ideas that are both strategically informed and creatively unexpected.
  • Expertise – You combine expert proficiency in your role with industry-specific awareness. You also exude confidence, yet know when receiving constructive feedback is important. In fact, a critical part of the McMillan culture embraces both giving and receiving feedback in the moment, to make all of us better people and turn good work into something that’s great.
  • Service – You communicate clearly, stay calm under pressure, anticipate the needs of others, respond promptly to requests, show a sincere desire to build relationships, and prove yourself to be a reliable, go-to player on the McMillan team.

You bring

  • 7–10 years of experience as a web developer (you know the ins and outs of networks, databases, and how the web really works—no doubt about it)
  • A solid grasp of ECMAScript 5/2015/2016 and cloud services such as Azure or AWS
  • A strong understanding of how the web works in relation to software development
  • Proficiency with source- and version-control platforms
  • A reputation as an obsessively security-conscious developer

You’ll stand out if you have:

  • Knowledge of AI technologies and APIs
  • Architected large-scale projects
  • An understanding of Typescript, MVC, REST APIs, and ORMs
  • A working knowledge of WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, or Orchard, but a preference for Contentful, Prismic, or Sitecore
  • Done C# (ASP.NET) application design, maintenance, and support
  • Worked with automation tools (such as Webpack)
  • The security skills required to lock down a website like a pro
  • Experience in gathering assets, dimensions, grids, spacing, and fonts from Photoshop and/or Illustrator files
  • One eye on the latest trends in web development (e.g., microservices, AI, bot frameworks, and machine learning)

Experience working in a creative agency will be considered an asset.

You should expect

Some travel may be required—overtime, definitely, when success depends on it.

How to apply

Apply online at